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Programs in Suzhou

Programs in Suzhou

Who Can Apply

Q1: I’m a Chinese student, can I apply for master's programs in Suzhou?

A: No, you are not eligible. Only non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport are eligible.

Q2: I'm studying in China (or other countries) now and will graduate in July of 2023. Can I apply for this program?

A: If you are currently pursuing bachelor/ master study and will graduate by July, 2023, you can apply for this program. You need to provide pre-graduation certificate to ensure that you will complete your study and obtain official degree certificate by July of 2023.

Q3: I'm now working in China. Can I apply for this program?

A: You can apply, but you have to submit documents showing your status as an on-post employee and permission of release when applying, and if get admission you need submit demission certificate. International students can not work with student visa and we only recruit full-time students for our graduate programs.

Q4: I don't have a passport yet. Is it necessary for application?

A: It’s OK if you don't have passport yet at the time of application, but you should get one as soon as possible. When you get admission, the passport information will be required as one of the admission documents.

Q5: My passport will expire soon. Can I still use it to apply for this program?

A: The passport used for application should still be valid for one more year, because if you get admission, the passport information will be required for making admission documents and applying for visa in August. 

How To Apply

Q1: Can I apply for the scholarship for master's programs in Suzhou?

A: This is a self-financed program. However, we also provide scholarship for excellent international students.

Q2: How can I apply for the scholarship?

A: Based on your interview performance, you have a chance to get full or partial tuition waiver. After your enrollment in USTC, in the physical campus, you could apply for the scholarship. Different schools have different polices for scholarship, and you can consult the school.

Q3. Is it compulsory to find a host supervisor before application?

A: Applicants are suggested to finish their online application directly. Complete your online application and USTC will help to send your file to relavant schools/departments. Normally you will be assigned to a mentor before thesis writing in the second year.

Q4. Do I need to pay any application fees?

A: No, you don't. We don't charge any application fees for online application to USTC.

Q5. Where can I get information for a specific program, like courses, credits, requirements, etc.?

A: You may refer to contact info in different master's programs of schools.

Q6. What should I submit for “Photocopy of degree certificate and academic transcript notarized by Ministry of Education or equivalent authority”?

A: You have to get the photocopy of your original degree certificate and transcripts to be notarized by Ministry of Education or equivalent authority, like HEC.

Q7. Where should I get physical examination?

A: Public hospitals would be a good choice. For private hospital, we suggest you to confirm with Chinese Embassy to see whether it is recognized.

Q8. Is there any requirement for the average scores of applicants in previous schools?

A: There is no requirement for the average scores of applicants in previous schools but all applicants should submit the university (if applicable) transcripts (in Chinese or English) and their scores in previous schools will be considered while USTC evaluates each applicant.

Q9. Is there any requirement for Chinese language proficiency?

A: Suzhou master's programs are English programs; there is no compulsive requirement for your Chinese language level. And you will have Chinese classes after registration.

Q10. Is there any requirement for English language proficiency?

A: Yes, applicants who apply for programs instructed in English must provide English language proficiency.

Q11. Do  applicants need to provide the original documents? When to provide them?

A: Yes, all the original copies of the documents provided in the Online Application System should be presented at the time of entrance examination and registration. USTC will check all the documents. If any certificate provided proves to be fake, the qualification for entrance examination and admission will be terminated. 

Q12. Is there any requirement for recommenders/referees? 

A: You are suggested to request teachers in your previous university and are familiar with your academic performance to provide you with recommendation/reference letters. Recommendation letters provided by a professor, a researcher, an associate professor, or an assistant professor are all acceptable.

Q13. What should I do if my referee does not receive any email about uploading reference letters?

A: You can change a new email address of your referee and try to send him/her another new email. If still it fails, please send an email to

Q14. I fail to submit the online application several times. What should I do?

A: If your online application can't be made successfully several times, please check whether you open it with the appropriate browser: IE or Google Chrome. If still it fails, please send an email to

Q15. If my score is not in the form of centesimal system, how can I fill it?    

A: Please provide your overall GPA in centesimal system (eg. 82/100). If you do not know how to convert it, please provide your overall GPA in the following format: 2.61/4 or 3.15/5.  

Admission Procedure

Q1. Is there an examination or interview conducted after the submission of application?

A: An online interview will be held by schools/departments to select a certain number of applicants based on the review of applicants' application documentation. 

Q2. When will the interview be held? Is it online or in site?

A: The time and arrangement for interview will be notified later (usually held in May or June). There will be an online interview. The detailed information will be emailed. Please check the email address that you used for login in the application system of USTC otherwise you may miss important information like interview notice.

Q3. How will you select applications?

A: 1. All the complete applications will be reviewed by International College of USTC for the first round to check mainly the eligibility. 2. Applications passed in the first round will be reviewed by professors, departments and schools and selected to be interviewed online to check mainly academic background, research capability and intended research field. 3. Applicants who pass the school interview will be reviewed by USTC selection committee to finalize the list of nominated candidates for different programs.

Q4. When and where can I know the result?

A: You can check the status of your application in the online application system. The final list of awardees will be announced on our website in July.

Q5. If I get admission, when can I receive admission documents?

A: We will send to you by post the admission documents usually in late July or August.

Q6. What should I do if I receive admission documents?

A: After receiving admission documents, you should apply for student visa as soon as possible in Chinese Embassy/Consulate and get prepared for coming to USTC.

Q7. If I get admission, when will the semester start?

A: It will start in Sept., 2023.