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Application for 2022 USTC Activity Participation Award and Social Service Award
Time:2022-10-19,AM 10:59
University of Science and Technology of China

The USTC Outstanding International Student Award is a prestigious award initially set up by the International College of USTC in 2020. The award aims to commend international students of USTC for their outstanding performance in academic achievement, and their active participation in social practice and cultural activities, to inspire them to study more diligently and make greater progress. The USTC Outstanding International Student Award is composed of three sub awards, namely, the Academic Excellence Award, the Social Service Award and the Activity Participation Award.


This email is to inform you of the application for the 2021/2022 Social Service Award and Activity Participation Award. If you are interested, you are welcome to apply.


The following is some information regarding the application for the Award:


1. Reward standard:

1) Certificate of Honor

2) Reward Gift


2. Who can apply?

All the full-time international students who have studied at USTC for more than one year on current program except for students on study extension.


3. How to apply?

Click the link below to complete online registration before October 26, 2022 on 23:59.

Ø  Only certificates & prizes achieved during the period from September 2021 to August 2022 will be considered. Please don’t provide documents out of that period. 

Ø  Please number all the supporting documents in sequence and properly compress them before uploading them into the survey link. Late submission will not be considered.

Supporting documents include:

1.    Certificates of awards of all kinds of national, provincial or municipal competitions.

2.    Certificates of participation of all kinds of extra-curricular activities organized by USTC.

3.    Certificates of honor of all kinds of social services.


4. Basic assessment criteria:

1) Respect and abide by Chinese laws and university regulations, and have excellent behaviors.

2) Have excellent performance in activity participation or social service.


5. Selection procedures:

1) Student submits the application to the International College of USTC as required.

2) The International College selects an appropriate number of candidates who meet the application requirements for the second-round review.

3) The winners will receive Certificate of Honor and gift at the USTC Outstanding International Student Commendation Conference during the International Cultural Exchange Week 2022 (in November).


Special notes:

It’s a good opportunity for the international students of USTC to gain recognition in their active participation in student activities or social services. We sincerely hope that all students who meet the requirements will join the competition.


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are uncertain about any aspect of the above information.


Application for 2022 Outstanding International Student Award
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