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Notice on Labor Day holiday in 2021
Time:2021-04-22,PM 03:02
University of Science and Technology of China

Dear all:

There will be a five-day holiday (May 1 to May 5) for celebration of the Labor Day this year. As scheduled, April 25 (Sunday) and May 8 (Saturday) are changed to working days because work and classes will be transferred from May 4 (Tuesday) to April 25 (Sunday) and from May 3 (Monday) to May 8 (Saturday).

To enjoy the five days off, please be fully aware of several important notes as follows:

Considering the current covid-19 situation, we advise you not to leave Hefei if it is not necessary. If you intend to leave Hefei, you need to submit your Application Form for Leave, along with the Informed Consent Form (please see in attachment) to International College in advance. Please do include your itinerary and contact information on it so as to make sure you are always contactable during the holiday. If you leave Hefei without permission, you will be responsible for any problem that may arise during your leaving, and will be given disciplinary punishment according to the total number of absent days.

Please be highly attentive to your own safety. When you are not in dormitory, turn off the air conditioning and other facilities. Do not leave the gas stove on while not cooking. Charging your electric vehicle from dormitory wires is prohibited.

Make sure that shared spaces have good ventilation and avoid going to crowded places. Wear a mask if any mobility is a must.

Seek prompt medical attention and inform International College immediately if you have any symptoms of fever or respiratory infection.

Here are some emergency numbers that might be useful:

1)      Police: 110

2)      Fire Emergency: 119

3)      Medical Emergency: 120

4)      USTC Police: 0551-63600110

Hope all of you will enjoy the holiday.

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