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Start a New Beginning - Special Event for USTC International Graduates of 2021
Time:2021-06-22,AM 08:40
University of Science and Technology of China


It is another graduation season. To celebrate the wonderful moment with 2021 international graduating students, the International College will hold a series of graduation activities in cooperation with Foreign Students Association this week.

Activity I: Group Photo for Graduation

At 4 pm of June 25, all the graduates will take pictures together with International College’s teachers at Guo Moruo Square, wearing the academic gown.

Activity II: Fun Graduation Photos

After taking the group photo, International College will offer some photo booths to help graduates take colorful and interesting graduation photos.


Activity III: Graduation Party

The graduation party will start at 6.30 pm of June 25. Graduates should come on time with the invitation card, following the dress code. The invitation card can be collected in Room 214 of International Building from June 22 to June 24 with your student card. Every graduate can invite one partner to attend the party.

At the graduation party, you will hear the warm speeches given by teachers from International College and student representatives; you can see the excellent performances contributed by USTC students; you can taste the yummy desserts and refreshing drinks; you can take photos and leave a graduation message on the best wishes tree; you can dance, laugh, and sing with your partner on the dancing floor.

Would you like to share your photos with us? We will display our graduates’ photos at the graduation party. If you want to share your wonderful moments at the memorable night, please click this link to submit your photos with description by the midday of June 24.

Time flies, but memories of the youth will stay. Let's enjoy the beautiful season together.

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