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Activity Notice on 2022 USTC Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange Festival
Time:2022-10-18,AM 11:21
University of Science and Technology of China

International College is going to organize the Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange Festival for the year 2022, which is one of the most important activities in the USTC International Week. All our USTC international students are welcome to join and have fun.

Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange Festival

Time: 11:00AM – 2:00PM, November 12th, 2022.

Place: Student Activity Center Square, East campus of USTC.

Introduction: The Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange Festival is organized by the International College of USTC to promote cultural exchange and communication between Chinese students and foreign students at USTC. This year is the 6th year to organize the festival, you can check the news about previous festivals.

Overview of Cultural Festival


There are several major parts of the Sino-Foreign Exchange Festival:

(1)  Performance: Singing, Dancing, Magic show, Drama show, Instrumental Performance, Talk show, Costume show, Poem reading, and all the other types of performances are welcome. If you want to show your talents, do not hesitate to join us!

(2)  Cultural stalls: There will be more than 20 cultural stalls on the day of the festival, representing different countries' cultures and traditions. To represent your country in the exhibition stall, you can introduce delicious traditional food, traditional clothes, famous historical and scenic spots, national customs, traditional festivals, sports games, traditional music, etc. You may notice that there are many posters about different countries on the 2nd floor of the International building, and we will update those posters if your country joins the cultural festival this year.

If you are interested in representing your country and willing to register for performance or stall, please submit your application via the link before 18:00 on Oct 26. If you do not have the support of your country mates but would like to join as the stall representative, ISO will arrange 1-2 volunteers for your stall. Since it takes time to collect information and make the subsequent arrangements, we would like you to submit it as early as you can.

Registration link


(3)  Short video collection “Let’s embrace the world”. We would like to invite student representatives from different countries to film a short video named “Let’s embrace XX (your country)” (within 30 seconds). You can also share a short introduction video (within 1 minute) with us to introduce your homeland. On the day of the Sino-foreign Cultural Exchange Festival, your video will have the chance to be displayed on the LED screen in the activity square of the East campus.

Requirements for the short video:

1.      Length: within 30 seconds.

2.      Script (please read the following sentences first in Chinese/English and then in your native language): “Hello USTC. We are XXX (Your and your countrymates’ names) from XXX (your country). Welcome to join the USTC Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange Festival and know more about my country XXX. 

3.      Dress code: semi-formal. It would be better if you wear your country’s traditional clothes.

4.      Please DO NOT add background music or special effect to your video.

5.      The definition of your video should be as high as possible. Format should be .MP4 or. MOV.

6.      Please submit your video(s) via the link below before 18:00 Beijing Time on Oct 30.


If you have any other questions regarding the cultural festival and the short video, feel free to contact Ms. Eva ( and Ms. Anita ( .

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