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Notice on 2022 Zhi-Xing China USTC Global Young Leaders Program
Time:2022-05-18,PM 03:33
University of Science and Technology of China





Do you expect to communicate with young people from all over the world?

Do you want to develop a global perspective and better leadership skills?

Are you willing to contribute to a shared future for mankind?

The "2022 Zhi-Xing China - USTC Global Young Leaders Program" is open for application. Welcome to apply!


项目介绍About the program


To strengthen the cultural communication and enhance friendship between Chinese and foreign youth, deepen young people’s understanding of China and cultivate young leaders for a shared future for mankind, the China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) initiated “Zhi-Xing China: Global Young Leaders Program” this year. In cooperation with CEAIE, USTC will organize the 2022 Zhi-Xing China: USTC International Youth Leaders Program, aiming to provide a platform for USTC Chinese and foreign youth to display their cultures and exchange thoughts for the peaceful and sustainable development of the world. The program is organized by the International College in association with the Youth League Committee of the university.


活动主题与内容 The theme of the program


The theme of the program is "Digital China and Sustainable Development". Based on topic learning, seminars, and field trips, the program aims to guide Chinese and international students to explore the development of China’s digital economy and its positive role in the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind, and encourage them to investigate how to apply digital technology to promote the sustainable economic and social development.


We encourage outstanding USTC Chinese and international students to join the program. Chinese students will team up with international students and form a group of four. Each group will participate in seminars and field trips to explore the role of digital technology in promoting sustainable economic and social development. Participants are encouraged to present the outcomes of learning by writing, photographing, and shooting vlogs or short videos.


活动安排 Tentative Arrangements


1. 安徽历史与发展情况

2. 青年领导力与全球发展

3. 数字经济与可持续发展


1. 调研主题:人工智能与数字经济

2. 调研主题:科技创新服务社会发展

3. 调研主题:数字化制造与智慧出行


1. 调研主题:祁红文化与智能采茶技术

2. 调研主题:环保黄山行

3. 调研主题:智慧旅游与生态保护

4. 调研主题:古建筑群的智慧保护

Week 1: Topic learning and seminarsbefore mid-June

Day 1. The history and modern development of Anhui

Day 2. Youth leadership and global development

Day 3. Digital economy and sustainable development

Week 2: Fieldtrips in Hefei (before mid-July)

Day 1. On artificial intelligence and the digital economy

Day 2. On technological innovation and social development

Day 3. On digital manufacturing and intelligent transport

Week 3: Fieldtrips in Huangshan (before mid-July)

Day 1. On Qimen Black Tea and intelligent tea-picking technology

Day 2. On environmental protection of Huangshan

Day 3. On smart tourism and environmental protection

Day 4. On ancient architecture reservation


申请条件 Application Requirements

1.      品德良好,身心健康,无违法犯罪记录;

Good moral characters, physical and mental health, no criminal record;

2.      拥有正式学籍的本科生和硕士研究生,成绩优异;

Full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students with excellent academic performance;

3.      具有较强的领导力,团队合作精神和调研能力,具备良好的英语表达和写作能力;

Strong leadership, teamwork spirit, and research ability, good English speaking and writing skills;

4.      对活动主题抱有浓厚兴趣,愿意与他人分享自己的观点;

Have a strong interest in the program and be willing to share their views with others;

5.      具有较强的采访、拍摄、剪辑技能的学生优先考虑。

Candidates with strong interview skills, shooting and editing skills are preferred.

6.      其它条件请参考项目具体要求,请务必详细了解项目情况、并根据自己的学业安排进行统筹规划后再行申请。

Please consider carefully whether your academic and personal circumstances will allow you to participate in this program. If selected, you must adhere to the program schedule and conform to pertinent rules and regulations.


相关费用 Expenses


No fees will be charged for the program. The organizer will bear the expenses incurred for lectures, transportation, accommodation, and fees for field trips.


报名方式 How to apply


Please fill in the application form and submit it via the link below before 14:00 on May 30. 




The specific implementation of the program will depend on the pandemic situation. If there is any change, further notice will be given. If you have any questions, please send email to

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