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Photo Sharing Activity - Graduation is a new start
Time:2021-06-09,AM 11:08
University of Science and Technology of China


The graduation season came, maybe you have already submitted your dissertation and made a successful thesis defense. Counting down to the big day of graduation, do the old days at USTC appear in your mind? The acknowledgement of professors, the support of teachers and classmates, the happiest days spent with friends…Nothing gold can stay. The golden moments are hidden in your memory and gradually appear during the nostalgic graduation season.

Graduation is a melancholy goodbye, but it is also a new start to say hi. Do not hide your golden days in a dusty treasure chest. Share your happiness and pride of graduation with us and with more USTCers.

If you are going to graduate this summer, you are encouraged to share your graduation photos with us. The photos can be taken with your supervisor, teachers, classmates, lab mates or friends at USTC. You can take the graduation photos on the playground, near the library, under the blooming tree or anywhere you like in USTC. Let everyone know that you were the member of USTC, and you are always a part of USTC.

Who can participate: USTC International students who are going to graduate this summer

What to submit: Photos with a short description (within 120 words). You can share no more than 5 photos, each in the form of JPEG or PNG. Each picture should be clear and has good quality.

How to participate: Send your photos and photo description by email to Ms. Eva ( before June 27, 2021. Name your email in the following way: “Student ID + Name + 2021 Graduation Photos”.

Participants of this online activity may receive a small gift from International College. After review and selection, we will post some excellent works onto international college’s official social media pages.

Waiting for your participation.

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