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Exit & Entry Guide

Exit & Entry Guide
Internship Registration

Requirements for off-campus internship

According to related laws and rules, International students shall NOT get involved in any commercial activities and can only participate in the off-campus internship that refers to programs designed as part of the education plan. International students participating in such internship programs will not receive any remuneration (except transport subsidies, meal allowances etc.). [Internship programs organized and carried out by USTC follow agreements reached by the university and employers.]

An international student applying for off-campus internship should meet the following conditions:

(1) Being a full-time international student enrolled at USTC

(2) Holding a valid student residence permit or visa

(3) Having no misconduct, no violation of university rules, discipline, and relevant regulations for international students, no violation of Chinese laws, and no history of disciplinary punishment, or punishment by judicial and public security authorities

(4) Contents of the internship are related to the applicant's major. It is not allowed to take off-campus internship at two or more employers at the same time.

(5) The applicant needs to obtain consent of the supervisor and department.

(6) The internship period should not exceed half of the academic year at USTC.

Procedures for internship registration

International students must follow the following procedures to obtain approval before participating in off-campus internship.

After being qualified for internship, international students need to get internship certificates or agreements that specify the time, location and contents of the internship from employers. Employers need to fill in and stamp "Guidance to international students’ internship" and "Enterprise information form”.

Students should submit to the International College the "Record Form for Internship” approved and issued by the supervisor and department, a copy of the first page of the passport, a copy of the valid residence permit page, and all materials provided by the employer. After the internship is approved, students can receive the letter of introduction for internship and other materials issued by the university.

Students are required to bring the following materials to the Exit and Entry Administration Bureau to register internship.

(1) Passport and its copy

(2) Accommodation Registration

(3) Certificate of Schooling

(4) Medical check-up and health certificate

(5) Letter of introduction for internship

(6) Enterprise information form

(7) List of education administrative authorities

(8) Other necessary materials (for special circumstances)

Students who successfully registered internship on the student visa should bring their passports to the International Student Office to report their internship registration.

Important notes on off-campus internship

Important notes on off-campus internship for international students

1. Off-campus internships that are not approved by the International College or not registered on visas by the Exit and Entry Administration are considered illegal.

2. During the off-campus internship of USTC, international students who transfer to other universities should stop the internship from the day of departure. They can resume internship only after a second registration of the internship for the new universities.

3. If international students change employers during internship, they should register again.

4. When students apply for registration of off-campus internship each time, the maximum period should be no more than six months. If it exceeds six months, students should register again after the six-month period expires.

5. In cases of worsening academic performance, frequent absence, violation of university regulations and Chinese laws during the internship, USTC will report to the Exit and Entry Administration to cancel the issuance of visa.

6. When there are changes to student's academic status during the internship, such as suspension from school, student’s residence permit and internship registration will be canceled as required.