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Notice about winter holiday
Time:2021-01-20,PM 03:06
University of Science and Technology of China

 Notice about the winter holiday

Dear students, as this academic semester is ending, we are glad to tell you that all our teachers and students on-campus are kept clear of the coronavirus. Thank you all for your cooperation with the university’s pandemic-control regulations. We understand it has not been easy for every single one of us. As the winter holiday is approaching, you are expected to be fully aware of the following things:

I.    About the winter holiday:

The winter holiday starts from Jan 20th and ends on Feb 27th. The new semester starts on Feb 28th. We will keep you informed if there is any change.

II.   About the arrangement of winter holiday

1.      Safety is the top priority. Minimizing your exposure to risk is the best way to avoid being infected. Authorities and experts have urged the public to restrict unnecessary mobility and gatherings during the holiday. Please STAY WHERE YOU ARE during the winter holiday.

2.      All international students are strongly advised NOT TO LEAVE the city where you are residing in. If any students who really has to leave Hefei, he/she should submit application for leave and gain approval before leaving.

3.      During the winter holiday all the students currently in China are required to update and report your personal status daily.

4.      In this special time, any kinds of large-scale gatherings are to be avoided.

5.      Make sure that shared spaces have good ventilation and avoid going to crowded places. Wear a mask if any mobility is a must.

6.      Seek prompt medical attention and inform us immediately if you have any symptoms of fever or respiratory infection.

7.      Please be highly attentive to your own safety. When you are not in the dormitory, turn off the air conditioning and other facilities. Do not leave the gas stove on if not cooking. Charging your electric vehicle from dormitory wires is prohibited.

III.             Timetable of ISO during winter holiday


On-duty staff


FEB 1 (Mon.)

Junmei Xu


FEB 2 (Tue.)

Junmei Xu


FEB 3 (Wed.)

Judy Shen & Penny Peng

63603144; 63603343

FEB 4 (Thu.)

Linda Tian & Mary Ran

63600279; 63602848

FEB 5 (Fri.)

Linda Tian


FEB 8 (Mon.)

Rui Zhang


FEB 9 (Tue.)

Rui Zhang


FEB 10 (Wed.)

Elivia Fu


FEB 18 (Thu.)

Elivia Fu


FEB 22 (Mon.)

Eva Hu


FEB 23 (Tue.)

Eva Hu


FEB 24 (Wed.)

Alan Wu & Anita Zhou

63602857; 63602871

FEB 25 (Thu.)

Maya Ma & Anita Zhou

63602962; 63602871

FEB 26 (Fri.)

Judy Shen & Maya Ma

63603144; 63602962


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