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Professors’ File

Professors’ File




Name: ZHANG LingZhi

Department: School of Energy Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China     

Mailing Address: No.2 Nengyuan Rd., Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Guangzhou, Guangdong, China 

Postal Code: 510640

Fax: 020-37246025; Tel: 020-37246026



1.Qianqian Hu; Jiqun Lu; Chun Yang; Congcong Zhang; Jinlong Hu; Shiyong Chang; Haiyong Dong; Chunyu Wu; Ye Hong; Lingzhi Zhang*; Promoting reversible redox kinetics by separator architectures based on CoS2/HPGC Interlayer as efficient polysulfide-trapping shield for Li-S batteries, Small, 2020,36, 2002046.

2.Xiaodan Yan; Cheng Chen; Xuequan Zhu; Lining Pan; Xinyue Zhao; Lingzhi Zhang*; Aminoalkyldisiloxane as effective electrolyte additive for improving high temperature cycle life of nickel-rich LiNi0.6Co0.2Mn0.2O2/graphite batteries, Journal of Power Sources, 2020,461,228099.

3.Jinlong Hu; Yilun Ren; Lingzhi Zhang*; Dual-confined SeS2 cathode based on polyaniline-assisted double-layered micro/mesoporous carbon spheres for advanced Li-SeS2 battery, Journal of Power Sources, 2020,455, 227955.

4.Haoxiang Zhong; Aiqin He; Jidian Lu; Minghao Sun; Jiarong He; Lingzhi Zhang*; Carboxymethyl chitosan/conducting polymer as water-soluble composite binder for LiFePO4 cathode in lithium ion batteries, Journal of Power Sources, 2016,336,107-114.

5.Jinglun Wang; Yongjin Mai; Hao Luo; Xiaodan Yan; Lingzhi Zhang*; Fluorosilane compounds with oligo(ethylene oxide) substituent as safe electrolyte solvents for high-voltage lithium-ion batteries,  Journal of Power Sources, 2016,334,58-64.

6.Tianqiao Yong; Lingzhi Zhang*; Jinglun Wang; Yongjin Mai; Xiaodan Yan; Xinyue Zhao; Novel choline-based ionic liquids as safe electrolytes for high-voltage lithium-ion batteries,  Journal of Power Sources,2016,328,397-404.

7.Dan Shao; Haoxiang Zhong; Lingzhi Zhang*; Water-soluble conductive composite binder containing pedot: Pss as conduction promoting agent for si anode of lithium-ion batteries,ChemElectroChem, 2014,(10)1,1679-1687.

8.Dan Shao; Daoping Tang; Yongjin Mai; Lingzhi Zhang*; Nanostructured silicon/porous carbon spherical composite as a high capacity anode for li-ion batteries, Journal of Materials Chemistry A,2013,(47)1,15068-15075.

Recruitment Information

The research group of Energy Materials focuses on the fundamental research and the development of functionalized organic/polymeric materials, nanostructured composite materials and their applications for energy storage devices such as lithium-ion batteries, lithium-sulfur batteries, and supercapacitors. We have close collaboration with industry, and have more than 14 patents transferred and 2 spinoff companies to commercialize the materials developed in our group. The Master and Doctor Program are open each year to the students who are committed to further higher education and engage in research of new materials and optoelectronic devices. 

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