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International College Held Mental Health Seminar
Time:2024-05-31,AM 10:00
University of Science and Technology of China

The International College of USTC hosted a seminar focused on enhancing the psychological well-being of international students on May 27, featured Ms. Li Yi from the Counseling and Mental Health Center as the keynote speaker, under the host of Ms. Penny from the International College, in the Lecture Hall 307 of the International Building.


The seminar focused on two key themes: "Exploring Psychological Well-being" and "Fostering Mental Health." Through the dissemination of essential psychological knowledge, interactive Q&A sessions, and engaging activities, the seminar captivated students' interest and stimulated their awareness of psychological well-being. Ms. Li actively engaged with students on topics such as academic pressures and interpersonal relationships, guiding them in managing negative emotions and facilitating effective self-psychological support. These activities aimed at nurturing a positive mindset and instilling healthy psychological attributes among the student community.


During the event, students exhibited genuine enthusiasm, actively participated and posed thought-provoking questions. Drawing on her wealth of professional expertise, Ms. Li provided insightful responses, offering students a clear understanding of psychological concepts. The seminar equipped students with practical coping strategies and deepened their introspection, aiding in their adjustment to new environments, fostering friendships, and integrating into the international community.


As an important component of the psychological education service system for international students, the seminar enhanced support for international students and embraced a culture of care. The International College remains dedicated to prioritizing the mental well-being of international students, fostering collaboration with the Mental Health Education and Counseling Center of USTC to tailor multi-level, diverse psychological activities to meet the unique needs of the international student community, ensuring a nurturing environment for students from diverse backgrounds.