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Forever USTCers: The 2024 International Student Graduation Activities Conclude Successfully
Time:2024-07-01,AM 10:00
University of Science and Technology of China

As the warmth of summer approaches, another cohort of graduates prepares to leave the familiar campus and embark on new journeys in life. To commemorate this special moment, the International College meticulously planned a series of graduation activities, ensuring that each departing international student feels the warmth and best wishes from USTC.

On June 22, a grand graduation ceremony and degree conferral took place in the Middle Campus Gymnasium. The graduates of 2024, both local and international, walked the stage with joy and excitement, receiving the symbolic tassel turn. As the tassels gently shifted from right to left, this simple yet solemn ceremony officially marked the completion of their studies and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.


On the morning of June 26, the early dawn light bathed the Guomoruo Square, where international graduates, dressed in their academic gowns, gathered with teachers from the Office of International Cooperation and the International College for a precious graduation photo. As the photographer counted down, the tassels on their caps swayed gently in the breeze, capturing the beautiful memories of their time at USTC. In this moment, smiles shone brightly in the morning light, reflecting their anticipation for the future and fondness for the school. 


The evening of June 27 saw the West Campus Activity Center illuminated and filled with laughter. A unique graduation party commenced, celebrating this milestone in style.

The party began with a slideshow of graduation photos, taking everyone down memory lane to relive the highlights of the graduates' academic journey. In her opening speech, Ms. Judy SHEN, the Deputy Director of the Office of International Cooperation, extended heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to the graduates, encouraging them to remain true to their aspirations and contribute to society.

毕业晚会-Speech by Judy Shen.JPG

Following this, the hosts Paul and Anna invited three graduate representatives—Sana Sardar, Omyma Adam Abdelkreem Mohamed, and Muhammad Hunain Memon—to share their experiences and growth at USTC, as well as their hopes and dreams for the future.

毕业晚会-Speech by Hunain.JPG

The performance segment of the evening was filled with vibrant and diverse acts. Dariia from Russia opened the night with a warm rendition of "Hello," followed by Humayyun from Pakistan with the melodious "Kuch is Tarah." Run from Cambodia touched hearts with "My Good Brother," while M. Faisal Shahid and Hina Kiran from Pakistan delivered a powerful performance of "Skyfall." Felix from Indonesia enchanted with "Thankful," and Luisina from Argentina brought a lively vibe with "Nonsense." These performances received enthusiastic applause from the audience. Interactive games interspersed throughout the evening further bridged the gap between students and teachers, creating a joyful and harmonious atmosphere.

The evening concluded with a touching performance of "Time to Say Goodbye" by Bob from Cameroon, and piano songs by John from Ghana and Gaerielle, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present. The free performance and photo session that followed saw everyone celebrating this unforgettable moment with song, dance, laughter, and tears.

As the party drew to a close, the graduates were ready to embark on new adventures. With the blessings and expectations of USTC, may they forge ahead on their future paths and create even more remarkable tomorrows.