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Student Activities
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Foreign Students Association

The Foreign Students Association of University of Science and Technology of China was established in 2016. Its members are international students from all over the world. The framework of Foreign Students Association is as below.

1.Department of Publicity: responsible for the promotion and publicity of student activities

2.Department of Culture: Responsible for the organization and arrangement of international student’s cultural and entertainment activities.

3.Department of Life: Responsible for dealing with international student’s life problem such as dormitory issues and arranging pick-up service for new international students.

4.Department of Academic Affairs: Responsible for organizing academic activities for international students, assisting international students to deal with academic problems, providing international students with career-related information.

5.Department of Sports: Responsible for the organization of sports activities and management of international student’s sports teams, such as dragon boat team, basketball team and football team.

All the five departments of Foreign Students Association work together to strive for the welfare of USTC international students and have provided a wonderful platform for international students to communicate with each other and enrich extracurricular life. Apart from the five departments, there are three co-chairpersons in FSA whose responsibilities are the management of all the international student activities, recruitment of volunteers and public relation development.

USTC Student Clubs

In addition to Foreign Students Association, there are many other student clubs in University of Science and Technology of China. Under the supervision and management of the Youth League Committee of USTC, USTC student clubs organize a variety of student activities, adding zeal to student’s campus life. International students are welcome to contact these clubs and join in their team. Charity organizations, art club, orchestras, debate team, dragon boat team, basketball team, football team…… You are encouraged to join in any student club registered at USTC to develop your interest. 

For more information about school clubs, you can reach the website of Youth League Committee of USTC. ( )

You can also contact for consultation.