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CSC Short Video Activity - Experiencing China: My study Life
Time:2021-05-27,AM 11:27
University of Science and Technology of China

In order to encourage international students to understand China, to perceive Chinese culture and to show the current study and life in Chinese university, China Scholarship Council holds “Experiencing China-My study Life" short video activity. We hereby inform you of the relevant details of the activity as follows.

1. Theme: "Experiencing China·My Study Life", the subtitle could be devised by yourself.

2. Participants: CSC scholarship students, one or more students can be the actors in the same video.

3. Language: The same language should be used in a single video, and the video should be made (presented) in the native language of the scholarship student, and the nationality must be indicated in the video, with both Chinese and English subtitles.

4. SubjectShow your experience and insights in China from different aspects in the form of storytelling from your own perspective, such as learning, life, participation in social practice, cultural experience, volunteer service and so on. 

5. Duration3 to 4 minutes

6. Format: Shooting in horizontal version, the submitted format of the film should be mp4, the resolution should not be less than 1920*1080, and the artistic creation and processing of the work is allowed.

7. Pay Attention

(1) The video should not contain content (including text, language, music, narration, scenes, background, etc.) that conflicts with the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China;

(2) The video should not contain or involve religious discrimination, racial discrimination, ethnic discrimination, etc.;

(3) The video should not contain pornography, violence, drugs, gambling and other undesirable content;

(4) Do not plagiarize or infringe the copyright of others;

(5) The work combined with good theme, insightful thought, great aesthetic taste and creative film-shooting techniques are encouraged;

(6) The creative spirit expressed by the video is encouraged;

How to Submit & the Deadlines: Please send the short video to The deadline is June 27th, 2021. Name your video with the following form: “Student ID-Name-Nationality-2021 Experiencing China Video”. Your submission should include: (1) Video.  (2) Word file with Chinese and English subtitles, and indicate the original language which has been translated. (3) Video introduction (please see the attached file).

International College will select the works submitted by students, and recommend 2 outstanding works to the Committee of the China Scholarship Council; in principle, all submitted works will not be returned. The China Scholarship Council will organize experts to select outstanding works.

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