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Activity Notice: China and Me, Five Years from Now
Time:2021-05-27,AM 10:09
University of Science and Technology of China

As China is well on its way to achieving its 14th Five-Year Plan goals, the country is more open than ever and more appealing to every member of society. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to capture your memorable moments in China through your lens or put them into words?

Organized by China Daily and co-organized by Bank of China, there is a national competition calling for foreigners’ participation. You’re welcome to tell your China story. Please feel free to share your memories and impressions with us by article or video. Just check the contest procedures below and get started. Your works will get the chance to be posted on China Daily Website, China Daily app and China Daily social media platforms.

Who can enter:

The contest is open to international students and expats. Regardless of whether you are in China or not, you are welcome to send us articles or videos showing your China story if you know China, love China or look forward to discovering more of the country. The contest is not open to organizations or companies. Please participate as an individual.

What can be submitted for the contest

1.   Articles and Photos:

Word count: Between 500 and 1,000 English words

Photo format: JPG or PNG

Photos should reflect the theme of the article, including but not limited to photos of people or landscapes. You can upload no more than 10 photos, each within 5MB. Every photo should has a caption of no more than 200 English words.

2.  Videos:

Format: MP4 or MOV

Dimensions: 1280 x 720 pixels

File size: The video file size should not exceed 4GB, and the maximum video length should be 4 minutes.

Submit a caption about the content of the work, and when and where the video was taken in 200-500 words.

Submission Deadline: June 20, 2021.

How to submit: click the link and upload your work by following the instructions (after submission via the link, please also send your article or video to ISO to let us know you have participated in the contest.)

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