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2024 USTC Youth of Excellence Scheme of China Program
Time:2024-01-21,PM 05:00
University of Science and Technology of China

I. Overview

In order to cultivate international talents with broad global perspectives, excellent comprehensive quality, outstanding leadership and cross-cultural background, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) undertakes the Youth of Excellence Scheme of China Program Chinese Government Scholarship Program:  "Scientific Management Leaders", an English-taught MBA program.


II. Program Information

This program is an English-taught master’s program. As a “1+1” model program, it will take one academic year to complete the basic courses and prepare for the thesis writing on the campus as a full-time student. In the second academic year, combining with working experience and major requirements, students can write thesis in their home countries. Student who accomplish his/her study and meet all the requirements for graduation and degree conferment of USTC, will be conferred the corresponding master’s degree. 

The time of enrollment is September, 2024. Scholarship set for this program is full scholarship.


III. Application Eligibility

1.   Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport. Applicants should be under the age of 45 (by September 1st, 2024) and mentally and physically healthy.

2.   Applicants must have bachelor's degree (equivalent to bachelor's degree in China) or master's degree, and have been working over three years. Applicants with study or working experience relevant to the applied majors will be preferred.

3.   Applicants must be one of the following four categories:

1)  Government employee leading a certain division (or equivalent level) in applicant’s own country;

2)  Senior executive in an organization or company;

3)  Administrative staff in a university or scientific research institution;

4)  People who has the working or intern experience in international organizations.

4.   Applicants must meet the admission criteria for international students of USTC.


Ⅳ. Application Materials

1.   Photocopy of passport (ordinary passport with validity of at least one year);

2.   A study or research proposal (no less than 800 words)

3.   Curriculum Vitae

4.   Two letters of recommendation from full professors or associate professors (with hand signature, phone number and email address)

5.   Photocopy of valid IELTS or TOEFL result or other proof of English proficiency

6.   Photocopy of degree certificate and academic transcripts for Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree (if have) notarized by Ministry of Education or equivalent authority in applicants’ country

7.   Published papers (if have)

8.   Foreigner Physical Examination Form (Download in the attachment)

9.   Non-criminal Certificate

10. Other Materials (if have) 

※  Notarized translation in Chinese or English must be attached if the submitted documents are not in Chinese or English.

※  Application materials will NOT be returned regardless of the application result.


Ⅴ. Application and Interview

Applicants need send above required materials to before March 15th, 2024 (GMT+8, Beijing Time). We will inform applicants the specific date of interview through email in early April. After interview, USTC will issue the official Pre-admission Letter.


Ⅵ. Assessment and Admission

1.  After receiving the Pre-admission Letter from USTC, applicants need register in the scholarship application system (, upload all necessary materials and finish the application for Youth of Excellence Scheme of China Program before April 15th, 2024 (GMT+8, Beijing Time). Please note the scholarship type should be “Type A”; the agency number is “1563”; preference Institute is “University of Science and Technology of China”.

2.  CSC will organize the first review and expert assessment about the application materials. The final result will be announced by CSC.


Contact info: Linda TIAN: 86-551-63600279

                      Penny PENG: 86-551-63603343



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