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Enjoy the charm of sports – 2020 USTC Sports Gala
Time:2020-11-08,AM 11:29
No. 96, Jinzhai Road, Hefei City, Anhui Province

Stepping on the path towards winter, the golden autumn in the University of Science and Technology of China ended on Saturday 7th November with wonderful annual sports activity——USTC Sports Gala 2020. Thousands of students and teachers as well as working staffs from different departments of USTC enjoyed the refreshing sunshine and wind at playground and fought for victory in this two-day event.


USTC Sports Gala 2020 started with an attractive opening ceremony on the morning of November 6. More than 20 parades from different colleges, schools, departments and groups walked with high morale and presented their spirits to all the USTCers. The parade of International College was represented by a group of international students selected as athletes this year. International students in the parade waved their national flags and shouted out their love for USTC and China.


It is through various sporting events that participants shared the sense of responsibility and enjoyed the charm of sports. This year the sporting events participated by international students include individual events such as 100m, 400m, 800m, high jump, long jump, shot put and some group events like 4×100m relay, 4×400m relay and mixed 10×50m relay.


International students performed well in many sports events. In the women’s category, Iqra Ishrat from Pakistan and Miapeh Kous Gonlepa from Liberia won the 5th and 6th place respectively in shot-put race. In the men’s category, Benjamin Danso Kwakye from Ghana ranked 7th in high-jump race, who also won the 6th place in 200 meter race. In the men’s 5000 meter race, Christophe Rukundo from Rwanda won the 7th place. In the men’s 100 meter race, Olanrewaju Ayodeji Durojaye from Nigeria and Ricardo Antonio Jacques from the Bahamas won the 7th and 8th place respectively.


Working together as a team is an important skill that leads to success and victory.Group events, especailly relay races were the ultimate test for athletes on their coordination, determination and team work. International College team won the 2nd prize in mixed 10×50 meter relay, the 3rd place in men’s 4×100 meter relay-race and the 6th place in men’s 4×400 meter relay-race.


Successes and losses are not the key point of USTC sports gala. What USTC and International College would like our international students to learn from the sports gala is the spirit of sports. We can fight as one team without the fear of failure and embarrassment. To gain the spirit of sports, to achieve success in spite of hardship, to feel the moment of running and jumping, that is the ultimate goal of USTC Sports Gala.

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