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USTC Successfully Hosted 2023 Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange Festival
Time:2023-11-23,PM 12:00
University of Science and Technology of China

The USTC Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange Festival 2023, held on November 18th, 2023, at the Student Activity Center Square, East Campus, was a vibrant celebration of global cultures, unity, and diversity, showcasing the elegance inherent in the variety of human heritage. 


This year’s festival was particularly remarkable for its extensive representation, with students from 30 different countries participating. These students enthusiastically shared aspects of their cultural heritage, including traditional cuisines, clothing, and performances, creating a lively and educational atmosphere.


One of the festival's primary attractions was the ‘Cultural Show’ that displayed the cultural history of different countries highlighting the beauty, diversity, and uniqueness of their traditional clothing and cultural heritage. Students from 30 countries walked on the stage, showcasing their rich traditional attires. Musical performances from Sudanese, Latin, Thai, Russian, Burmese, and Pakistani students, were cheerful and entertaining. Aside from the performances done by international students, Chinese students presented a captivating poetic performance, unveiling the extensive Chinese history and majestic traditional Chinese attire.


The festival concluded with an invigorating session of free-style performances, encouraging spontaneous dance and interaction among the attendees, highlighting the event's overarching theme of unity in diversity.


The USTC Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange Festival stands as a testament to the university's commitment to fostering international understanding and cooperation. As we bid farewell to this year's event, we carry forward the spirit of celebrating diversity, learning from each other, and building bridges across cultural divides. We eagerly anticipate next year's festival, ready to once again embrace the world with open arms.