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World through the lens - Notice on International College's Photography Competition
Time:2022-03-03,PM 02:05
University of Science and Technology of China

The USTC International College is organizing a photography competition named "World through the lens". All the USTC international students are welcome to join it. There are two themes of this competition, and you can choose either of them or choose both. You can ONLY submit one work for each theme.

If you are interested in the competition, please check the details below. You are supposed to write a text introduction or description of the photo(within 150 words in Chinese or English)and submit it together with your work before 8:00 am on March 24 (Beijing time). Link of submission:


1. Theme and Content

(1) Embrace nature: By photographing natural scenery, animals, and plants (, etc.) to show the beauty of nature and reflect the harmony between humans and nature.

(2) Impression of Hefei: By photographing the architecture and lifestyle (, etc.) to show the economic achievements, social development, and the splendid culture of Hefei. 


2. Procedures and Time 

Submission: March 4, 2022 ---- March 24, 2022

Selection by voting: March 25, 2022 ---- March 30, 2022

Announcement of results: March 31, 2022

The link for voting will be shared with the public. 

The principles of selection are openness, justice, and fairness.


3. Awards

First Prize × 1 work: One certificate + an Instant Camera

Second Prize × 1 work: One certificate + a set of Bluetooth earphone

Third Prize × 1 work: One certificate + a set of Bluetooth earphone

Excellence Award × 5 works: One certificate+ a USTC USB for each person


4. Requirements

(1) Works can be taken with a camera or mobile phone. Please make sure the photos you submit are full images with high definition.

(2) No limits on the content and style of works. Both colored and black-and-white photos are acceptable.

(3) The format of your photo should be JPG/JPEG, and each work should be no less than 5MB. Once submitted, the photos will not be withdrawn. Please keep the original film or digital file by yourself properly.

(4) Do not over post-processing.  

(5) The submitted photos must be the original works of participants.  


5. Attention

(1)    For all pictures submitted for the competition, the photographers reserve the copyright and the right of authorship. The USTC International College has the right to use the works for exhibition, publicity, publishing, and other purposes.

(2)    Participants shall have full, complete, exclusive copyrights and other intellectual property rights as well as individual ownership that do not infringe on the third party's portrait right and reputation.

(3)    All participants are deemed to agree with the above terms.


We are looking forward to your participation.

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