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Professors’ File
Xu Gang School of Energy Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China

Selected Publications:

1)Novel smart textile with phase change materials encapsulated core-sheath structure fabricated by coaxial electrospinning,Chemical Engineering Journal,2019,355,(2019)532-539;

2)One-step solvothermal synthesis of V2O3@C nanoparticles as anode materials for lithium-ion battery,Journal of alloys and compounds,2019,776,(2019)568-574;

3)Functional transparent nanocomposite film with thermochromic and hydrophobic properties fabricated by electrospinning and hot-pressing approach,Ceramics International,2018,44,(2018)1013-1018;

4)Imprinted MoS2 achieve highly efficient self-separative molecule extraction,Journal of Materials Chemistry A,2018,6,7395;

5)Flower-like Molybdenum Disulfide for Polarity-triggered Accumulation/Release of Small Molecules,ACS applied materials & interfaces,2017,9,36431-36437;

6)A facile approach for TiO2-based superhydrophobic–superhydrophilic patterns by UV or solar irradiation without a photomask,Chemical communications,2017,53,2363;

7)Design and thermal performances of a scalable linear Fresnel reflector solar system,Energy Conversion and Management,2017,146,(2017)174-181;

8)Dye-sensitized solar cell module realized photovoltaic and photothermal highly efficient conversion via three-dimensional printing technolog,Chin. Phys. B,2017,26,3(2017)038401;

9)Design and experimental investigation of a stretched parabolic linear Fresnel reflector collecting system,Energy Conversion and Management,2016,126,(2016)89-98;

10)Study on sodium water glass-based anti-reflective film and its application in dye-sensitized solar cells,Thin Solid Films,2016,610,(2016)19-25;

Recruitment Information:

Positions are open for highly motivated graduates. Candidates interested in the Energy materials;  electronic materials; electronic device; PVD are welcome to contact me. More information can be found on my webpage.