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Professors’ File
Zhang Yi Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Professor Zhang has been engaged in research in high-energy astrophysics for more than a decade, working around the mystery of the century of "cosmic ray origin." His work on cosmic-ray anisotropy is considered a milestone in this field. He played an essential role in searching for a "PeVatron," discovered an ultra-high-energy gamma-ray halo, revealing its prevalence of slow diffusion around medium-aged pulsars.

 Professor Zhang is an expert in the ground-based cosmic-ray experiment, familiar with instrument simulation, data calibration, and reconstruction in the ASγ experiment, ARGO, and LHAASO experiments. He is currently responsible for the physical analysis of the GRAND (Giant Radio Array for Neutrino Detection)  experiment and the LHAASO experiment.



Students can use GRAND, LHAASO, and DAMPE data to carry out high-energy astrophysics, neutrino astronomy, indirect detection of dark matter, and other related research; Undergraduate students with a solid physical and mathematical basis are welcome to apply.