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Professors’ File
Liu Xiaojuan 86-431-85262415

Prof. Dr. Xiaojuan Liu

Born in 1977, received B.S. degree in Liaoning Normal University in 1999, got Ph.D degree in Jilin University in 2004. After that, pursued a two-year postdoctoral studies at Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and worked there until now. During this period, went to Akron University for postdoctoral research (2008-2010) and Tohoku University for JSPS visit (2011 and 2014). In 2014, was promoted as a professor. Teach a postgraduate course named Computer Simulation of Inorganic Functional Materials. My research interests are focused on synthesis, assembly, first-principles calculations and application exploration of New Energy Materials.


Project Leader: General projects of NSFC, 3 projects;

International cooperation project: Chinese Academy of Sciences-JSPS, 1 project; Natural Science Foundation of Jilin Province, 2 projects;

Project backbone: Key projects of NSFC, 1 project,

Participant: National Natural Science Foundation group project, 1 project.

Research Focus

pDesign optimization and preparation of key components in SOFCs

pThe relationship between the motion behavior of rare earth 4f5d electrons and their physicochemical properties

pThe design and simulation of e-/H+/O2- conductivity


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