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Professors’ File
Kong Xiaoying School of Energy Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China

Selected Publications(篇数不限)

1)Niu Hongzhi, Kong Xiaoying※, Li Lianhua, Sun Yongming, Yuan Zhenhong, Zhou Xianyou. Analysis of biogas produced from switchgrass by anaerobic digestion. Bioresources. 2015,10(4), 7178-7187


2)Gaixiu Yang, Yongming Sun, Pengmei Lv, Feng Zhen, Xinyue Cao,Xiaojie Chen, Zhongming Wang, Zhenhong Yuan  and Xiaoying Kong※ , Preparation of Pt-Ru/C as an oxygen-reduction electrocatalyst in microbial fuel cells for wastewater treatment,Catalysts, 2016, 6(10): 150


3)Dong Pengyu,Li Lianhua,Zhen Feng, Kong Xiaoying※,Sun Yongming,Zhang Yi,Comparison of dry and wet milling pre-treatment methods for improving the anaerobic digestion performance of the Pennisetum hybrid,RSC Advances,2017(7),12610- 12619


4)Yi Zhang, Lianhua Li, Xiaoying Kong※, Feng Zhen, Zhongming Wang, yongming Sun, Pengyu Dong, Pengmei Lv, Inhibition effect of sodium concentrations on the anaerobic digestion performance of Sargassum sp., Energy & Fuel, 2017. (SCI, IF= 2.835)


5)Gao Yiming, kong xiaoying※, xingtao, Sun yongming,Zhang Yi, Luo Xingjian, Digestion Performance and Microbial Mechanism in Thermophilic and Mesophilic Anaerobic Digesters Exposed to Elevated Loadings of Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste. Energies, 2018,11:952(IF:2.262)


6)Zhang Yi, Kong xiaoying, Wang zhongming, Sun Yongming, Zhu Shunni, Li lianhua, Lv Pengmei, Optimization of enzymatic hydrolysis for effective lipid extraction from microalgae Scenedesmus sp., Renewable Energy, 2018,125:1049-1057(IF:4.357)


7)Kong xiaoying, Yang Gaixiu, Sun yongming, performance investigation of batch mode microbial fuel cells fed with high concentration of Glucose, Biomedical Journal of Scientic &Technology Research, 2018.3.000864


8)Xing, tao; Kong, Xiaoying; dong, pengyu; zhen, feng; Sun, Yongming, Leachate recirculation effects on solid state anaerobic digestion of Pennisetum hybrid and microbial community analysis,Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, accepted 2019


9)张毅,孔晓英※,李连华,孙永明,杨立贵,袁振宏. 能源草厌氧发酵产气性能与动力学分析[J]. 农业机械学报, 2016, 47(5):191-196.




11)甄 峰,孙永明,孔晓英※,牛红志,杂交狼尾草厌氧发酵的物质与能量转化率分析,农业工程学报,2017. Vol.33 No.19:236-241.


12)张毅, 孔晓英※, 孙永明,李连华,王忠铭,杨立贵,任守军,袁振宏. 大型海藻厌氧发酵特性研究[J]. 中国沼气, 2016, 34(3):3-8.


13)罗欣剑,孔晓英※,等. 玉米秸秆微氧-厌氧干式发酵性能研究及微生物群落解析. 可再生能源,已录用


Recruitment Information

    Positions are open for highly motivated graduates. Candidates interested in the field of Biochemical transformation of biomass are welcome to contact me. Background in Biochemical engineering and/or Environmental engineering is preferable. More information can be found on my webpage.