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Notice on 2024 Application for CSC Scholarship Extension
Time:2024-04-22,PM 09:00
University of Science and Technology of China

According to the relevant requirements that made by the China Scholarship Council in their Notice on Application for CSC Scholarship Extension (【2024】No.13), we are now starting the scholarship extension work for the doctoral students supported by Chinese Government Scholarship.


I. Who can apply?

Doctoral students supported by CSC scholarship, with positive study attitude and good performance, who cannot complete their studies before January 2025 due to special reasons and have not extended the scholarship period before.


II. Specific requirements

1. Before submitting the application, applicants shall have completed the thesis proposal, and passed the mid-term evaluation (or have met the academic requirements of school for the corresponding stage);

2. Applicants shall go through and pass the 2024 Annual Review of CSC Scholarship Status; 

3. The scholarship period can be extended for up to one year.


III. Application Process

1. Applicants log in CSC official website: by inputting their CSC Number. Choose “Scholarship Extension”, enter the extension application page, fill in the relevant content as required, including filling in personal statement, checking “having completed the thesis proposal” and “having passed the mid-term evaluation” (yes or no), choosing the extension duration (one academic year or one semester), and finally check the terms of commitment and submit the application. The deadline for submitting the scholarship extension application online is April 28, 2024 at 8 AM.


Please note that if the applicants don’t submit the scholarship extension application online within the specified time, it will be deemed as “voluntarily giving up the application”. Late application will not be considered.


2. After the applicants submit their extension application online, the CSC system will send the review email to supervisors. Supervisors will check if the applicant has completed the thesis proposal and passed the mid-term evaluation, confirm the scholarship duration that the applicant has applied for extending, and give the review opinions of “passing” or “failing” for the application.


3. USTC will carefully verify the information filled in by applicants in CSC system, including having completed the thesis proposal, having passed the mid-term evaluation, as well as having passed the 2024 annual review of CSC scholarship and having no previous record of scholarship extension. Referring to the supervisor’s comments, USTC reconfirms the applicant’s scholarship extension eligibility, and puts forward the review opinions of "approval" or "disapproval" in the CSC system, and report the university review result to the China Scholarship Council.


4. China Scholarship Council will report to the Ministry of Education for final approval.



IV. Application result

The result is expected to come out in August. If your application is not approved, you can apply to the International College for extension as a self-financed student.


In case of any questions during the application process, please feel free to contact Rui Zhang at 63600692, Jane Cheng at 63603132, or email to


International College

Notice on 2024 Annual Review of CSC Scholarship