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Time:2021-10-14,AM 11:34
University of Science and Technology of China

The 1st USTC English Public Speaking Contest is calling for active participants. The contest is organized by Office of International Cooperation (OIC), English Practice Center (EPC), Undergraduate School, Graduate School and International College to improve the global communication ability of USTC students. Both Chinese students and international students are encouraged to join in the contest.

The theme of the English Public Speaking Contest:

1.      For Chinese students: 我和我的祖国 My homeland and I

2.      For International students: 我与中国 China and I

The arrangements of the Contest:

1.      Preliminary contest: Before October 25.

2.      Semi-Final: Early November

3.      Final: The Middle of November

How to apply for the Contest:

Please fill out the application form (see attachment) and submit a 1-minute short video in which you can talk about the abstract of your speech. Click the link below to submit your application materials.  

Deadline2021-10-25 11:00AM Beijing Time

What can you get from the Contest?

There are 1st, 2nd, 3rd Awards and Awards of Recognition. Prizes and certificates will be issued to winners. And 1st prize winner will gain the chance to join in an international exchange program organized by the university.

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