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Notice on 2021/2022 Annual Review of CSC Scholarship
Time:2021-04-07,PM 04:39
University of Science and Technology of China

Dear international students' training units and CSC scholarship students,

According to the relevant requirements made by China Scholarship Council in their Notice on the Annual Review of the Chinese Government Scholarship for the 2021/2022 academic year, we are now starting the annual review work for the Chinese Government Scholarship students (hereinafter referred to as “CSC Scholarship Students”) registered in USTC. The annual review of CSC scholarship is an important measure to evaluate the overall performance of the CSC Scholarship Students, to urge them to successfully complete their studies as scheduled, and to guarantee the scholarship benefit. Through the evaluation of the performance of the CSC scholarship students in various aspects in the past year, it is determined whether students have the eligibility to continue to enjoy or resume to enjoy the Chinese Government Scholarship for the next academic year. The specific implementation measures are as follows.

1.   Who shall go through the annual review?

1)CSC scholarship students who will continue their studies in 2021 fall semester according to the admission plan, including the second grade and above CSC scholarship students who have suspended either of the fall semester 2020 or the spring semester 2021, but excluding students who suspended after enrollment in the fall of 2020 and those who enrolled in the spring of 2021.

2)CSC scholarship students who cannot graduate in July 2021 according to the admission plan but meet the requirements of scholarship extension.

3)CSC scholarship students whose scholarship eligibility were suspended due to failure in 2020/2021 scholarship annual review.

2.   The contents of the annual review:

CSC scholarship students will be given the quantitative scores and qualitative evaluation on the basis of the following four aspects in the 2020/2021 academic year:

1)Moral conduct, including observing the regulations & disciplines, behaviors, rewards & penalties;

2)Academic performance, including the course results for the spring semester and fall semester of 2020, basic learning progress as well as scientific research achievements during the on-going academic year;

3)Learning/research attitude, including attendance;

4)Activity performance, including participation in academic, cultural, sports and social activities inside and outside the campus.

3.   If one of the following circumstances occurs during the review year, the scholarship will be suspended for one year:

1)Having long-term negative learning/research attitude; having serious absenteeism to the group meetings or lab attendance rate is lower than 60%;

2)Having no foreseeable and substantial progress in research or refusing to complete the research tasks on schedule as required by the supervisor; having not reached the required credits for two consecutive years;

3)Having violated the relevant disciplines and regulations of the University and therefore given the punishment of disciplinary probation by keeping under surveillance;

4)Having failed in the Monthly Assessment for three times.

The students whose scholarships are suspended, from the beginning of next academic year, will not enjoy the scholarships any more. However, they can apply to continue their studies as self-financed students or ask for exemption of certain fees according to the regulations of the institutions. Before the period of suspension is over, those involved can apply to go through Annual Review of that year. If they pass the review and get the approval from CSC, they can renew their scholarship from the next academic year.

4.   If any of the following conditions occurs during the review year, the scholarship will be terminated:

1)  Having violated the Chinese laws and been punished accordingly;

2)Having been ordered to quit or expelled from USTC;

3)Having failed in the Monthly Assessment for four times;

4)Having failed twice in the annual review;

5)Having not participated in the annual review without persuasive reasons.

Those who have their scholarship terminated will not enjoy the scholarships from the day of proclamation and cannot renew their scholarship any more.

5.   Procedures of annual review:

1)CSC scholarship students who need to participate in the annual review shall download and faithfully fill in the Form for Annual Review of Chinese Government Scholarship Status (Student Self-Assessment) by themselves. The filled-in form should be scanned after signing, and then submitted via the following link (Firefox browser recommended) before 6 PM on April 21st.

Please note that if the Self-Assessment Form is not submitted within the specified time, it will be deemed as "having not participated in the annual review without persuasive reasons".

2)International College sends the Form for Annual Review of Chinese Government Scholarship Status (School Review) to CSC scholarship students’ supervisors as well as schools via email for their review, together with the evaluation method and scoring criteria. Supervisors and schools are required to report to International College the quantitative scores and qualitative evaluation of each CSC scholarship student before 6 PM on May 14th.

3)International College will score each CSC scholarship student’s performance in other aspects, including but not limited to compliance with university’s disciplines and regulations, participation in various activities, rewards and penalties, etc.

4)Based on the self-assessment and the evaluation result given by the school, International College will put forward the evaluation opinions of "qualified" or "unqualified", as well as the suggestions on whether to continue to issue scholarship, suspend scholarship,or terminate scholarship, and report the university review result to the China Scholarship Council.

6.   Announcement of the review result:

The final review result by the China Scholarship Council is expected to be announced in late August 2021. Please pay attention the notification on the official website of International College

In case of any questions during the review process, please feel free to contact Rui Zhang at 63600692, and Maya at 63603132. Or you can send an email to

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