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USTC 2019 Sports Gala concluded successfully
Time:2019-10-27,PM 04:28
University of Science and Technology of China

The 2019 annual Sports Gala concluded successfully at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) on Saturday 26th October with more pomp and excitement as the two-day event attracted participation from various Departments in the University.  Previous years' Sports Galas were scheduled for only a day but this year’s event was bigger and livelier spanning two days with over 500 students and members of staff participating in various sports.


The Gala kicked off with attractive parades by respective Colleges, Schools, Departments, Academies, and groups including School of Mathematical Sciences, School of Information Science and Technology, School of Management, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Big Data Academy, Nano Science and Technology College, Hefei National Research Center for Microscale Material Science, State Key Laboratory of Fire Science, Graduate School Nanjing Branch, retired cadres work team, and International College represented by international students.Through various sports, participants discover their strengths and garner a sense of responsibility through team work and sportsmanship. This year, sporting events included athletics, relay-races, group skipping, long jump, penalty shoot outs, and ball juggling.


International students performed well in the 800meter race with a first place win by Botswana's Lapologang Sebaka in the men's category and second place win by Russian student Alina Fadzalova in the women's category respectively. Other athletic categories included men/women's 100meter races, men/women's 200 meter races, men/women's 400 meter races and a 5 kilometer race.


Also participating in the various track racing categories were athletes from several countries including Christophe Rukundo from Rwanda, Victor Bondzie Micah from Ghana, Arbelo Khan from Pakistan, Olanrewaju Ayodeji Durojaye from Nigeria, Segun Steven Bodunde from Nigeria, Ricardo Antonio Jacques from the Bahamas, Glory George-Ufot from Nigeria, Hayan Park from Korea, Huang Yulin from Australia, and Arailym Kabiyeva from Kazakhstan.


The penalty shoot outs session was a massive success for international students having a clear lead against all other departments. The men/women's 4 x 100meter relay-races, on the other hand, garnered relatively less success placing the men's team 4th while the women's team placed 5th. Working well as part of a team is an important skill that brings success. The men/women's 4 x 100meter relay-races, three-legged race, group skipping, and ball juggling were the ultimate test for participants on their coordination, determination, and team work.


Regardless of the days' wins and losses, the 2019 Sports Gala was a huge success achieving the ultimate goal of making sure every participant had a good time interacted with colleagues, played games and participated in the sport of their choice. Games and sports are an integral part of campus life at USTC creating versatile harmonious development of student's minds and physiques.

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