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Notice on Results of 2021 International Students' Annual Review of Scholarship
Time:2021-09-13,AM 09:01
University of Science and Technology of China

According to the notice from the university review committee, and China Scholarship Council, the review results are announced as follows:

368 international students of USTC have passed their annual review of scholarship this year, 5 students’ scholarship will be suspended for one year from September 2021 to August 2022 and 5 students’ scholarship will be terminated from September 2021.

Students whose scholarship will be suspended from September can recover their scholarship eligibility from next September if they could pass the Annual Review of next academic year (2022).

List of Suspension and Termination of Scholarship 2021


International College, USTC

September 13, 2021

Notice about the Registration of 2021 Fall Semester for International Students